Rally-fit with Andreas Mikkelsen

Sports-wise, there appears to be little that Polo-R-WRC driver Andreas Mikkelsen hasn't tried. Except for synchronized swimming or dressage. Although come to think of it, we're not 100 per cent certain that he hasn’t tried those either.

"Mountain biking, bike racing, cross-country skiing, slope skiing, swimming, weight training, football, boxing," responded Mikkelsen when we asked him what sports he likes playing. Sorry, we almost forgot the marathon he just ran. Mikkelsen also loves motocross and has ridden since he was twelve years old. But he had to give up riding on two wheels for his rally career as the risk of injury is just too high.

It's already well known that motorsport racers have to be extremely fit athletes. Andreas Mikkelsen is no different: he loves speed, working out is very much a part of his life and - how practical - his personal coach is one of his best friends. Mikkelsen plays sport every day, often up to three times a day.

And what about nutrition? Burgers, pizzas, Black Forest cake? Of course! But only after the rally. Before the rally, the motto is: tasty AND healthy. To spare Andreas the onerous task of calorie counting, Volkswagen's motorsport team works closely with doctors and nutrition experts. The drivers and co-drivers are even given muesli individually tailored to their needs.

"I'm probably the fittest driver in the WRC," says Mikkelsen proudly. We don’t doubt it - and the photos prove it. The Rally-the-World team had something of a bad conscience after talking to the impressively athletic Mikkelsen and immediately headed off for a work out.