Andreas Mikkelsen’s perfect Saturday

As part of regular feature on MAXRALLY, we speak to various drivers from the rallying fraternity to find out what their perfect day would involve. This week we spoke to double IRC champion Andreas Mikkelsen who informed MAXRALLY he’s a secret animal lover who loves to cook…

“My perfect day would have to start off at my home in Oslo. I’d sleep until I wake up – that means no alarm clock! My girlfriend would make me breakfast in bed - preferably eggs, bacon, fresh-made bread, fruit and some homemade orange juice.

“The weather outside would be a perfect summer day - around 20 degrees Celsius, which is warm for Norway. I’d start the day with some training - running or some cycling with my trainer, Roy.  After working hard for a couple of hours, I would have a well-deserved lunch. I’d probably choose my favourite salad from BIT restaurant, which is close to where I live.

“After that I would take a boat ride with my friends or cousins.  I’d probably have a swim, eat some fresh shrimps on white bread and be sipping my favourite drink: Red Bull silver edition.

“In the late afternoon, I’d visit my mother and her new dog. It’s really cute! In the evening, I would make a nice dinner for my girlfriend because I like to cook, I’d make some healthy food in a wok.  We’d then watch a funny movie on TV before heading off to bed.”

Source: maxrally