Ireland Rally Post-event Press Conference + Video

Question to Andreas Mikkelsen
Up until the Lisburn stage you were firmly in contention for victory. Then what happened?

AM: “Basically we braked too late for a hairpin and after that it was quite bad for the victory.”

Question to Andreas Mikkelsen
How tough was your battle with Juho – did you expect him to be so strong?

AM: “For sure it was not easy. Juho did a fantastic rally. I was happy with my driving, okay I made a mistake but it was a good fight up until then and congratulations to Juho.”

Question to Andreas Mikkelsen
After your late-stage disappointment in Gran Canaria and now this, how do you plan to hit back?

AM: “We’ve had a good start to the season with a victory and two second places. It would be nice to get a victory on Tarmac and hopefully that will happen in Corsica.”

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Question to Ola Fløene
What was the atmosphere like in the car after you lost all that time – was it difficult to keep motivated to get to the finish?

OF: “On the second time through I knew something was not in the right place with Andreas. We gave ourselves a few minutes to relax a little bit. We stopped to get some drinks but then we decided to continue.”

Question to Ola Fløene
You’ve got some knowledge of competing in this region before. What are your impressions of the Circuit of Ireland Rally and this year’s route?

OF: “I have a lot of good memories from being here before when Andreas was 17. I must say I like the stages here and I was really looking forward to this event.”

Source: irc